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Fostering a positive learning environment at NLCS Dubai

Aarti Odhrani the school counsellor at NLCS Dubai discusses the importance of nurturing a positive learning environment

NLCS Dubai

We can all appreciate that learning takes place in various forms and in a variety of settings. We can create positive environments to enhance learning for our child at home to consolidate what they have learned at school, to aid them in areas where they might need specific support, and to instil a love of learning. To make it easier for children to follow tasks through, communication and expectations need to be clear. We need to be enthusiastic and creatively look for ways to engage them, even when the task may, at first glance, seem boring. We also need to ensure that the completion of an activity, which they do not particularly enjoy, is followed by one which they do.

In addition to academic skills, development of social skills such as listening, taking turns and dealing with disappointments are also necessary. Those who feel socially connected to their instructors and peers and have more consistently positive experiences are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards learning. Recent studies show that these positive feelings, in turn, stimulate the frontal lobe, which is responsible for planning, organisation, speech and language, emotional regulation, and problem-solving.

Often children need help with organisational skills or learning “how to learn.” The good news is that they can be taught how to keep track of assignments and complete them in time by using schedules and to-do lists. Establishing routines has proven to be effective in improving organisation. They can be taught note-taking skills to help sort out and review what they are learning. Reading, for instance, forms the basis for learning in most subject areas and is a skill that can improve overall achievement.

In order to address barriers to learning, we need to be good listeners and understand the difficulties that our child may be experiencing.  Based on their specific requirements, we might need to break tasks down into manageable segments; praise and reinforce positive behaviour after the completion of each sub-task; extend the amount of time allotted for specific tasks as per the child’s need; record improvement; and reduce or eliminate unnecessary tasks that have already been mastered.

Keeping track of their progress enables them to feel a sense of accomplishment, which in turn acts as a motivating tool. Finally, establishing a good relationship with your child’s school will promote a positive attitude towards life-long learning.

About NLCS Dubai

Since 1850, North London Collegiate School (UK) has maintained its reputation for providing an outstanding education. North London Collegiate School Dubai opened in September 2017 as a co-educational International Baccalaureate Continuum School, offering IB programmes to children from ages 3 to 18 on a world-class, purpose-built campus, located close to the DIFC, Downtown and Business Bay areas in Dubai after having successfully established its first international school in Jeju, South Korea in 2011.

Students at NLCS Dubai enjoy a quality of teaching that enables them to strive for the highest levels of academic attainment. NLCS (UK) has been identified as the most successful school in the country for placing students at top universities; expectations of staff and students will be high and in keeping with NLCS’s position as the top-performing IB school in the UK. Students develop genuine and grounded confidence in their abilities and will be encouraged to take risks and stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible. ‘Everyone matters’ at NLCS schools; each student is valued for who they are, and their contributions are celebrated.

Beyond the classroom, NLCS Dubai offers a rich and vibrant extra-curricular provision across music, drama, sports and the creative arts. The combination of inspirational teaching delivered by passionate subject-experts, individual pastoral care and extra-curricular activities provides students with the best possible platform for life after school, as evidenced by the many Old North Londoners who are leaders in their fields.

Details: For more information, visit NLCS Dubai.  If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on eight of the best free homework apps in the UAE.

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