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Why the Dyson Pure Cool is a must-have at your festive gatherings

The Dyson Pure Cool will become an integral element of your parties. Here are three scenarios for you to understand how:

Scenario 1: Hosting a party at home

If friends and family are coming over, you will be opening up your space to people from all sorts of environments. You could have guests coming in from another country who have just hopped off a flight, from the shopping mall, suffering from a cold, or maybe those with pets at home. Everyone is exposed to bacteria and germs, and there’s no way of avoiding it. However, you could purify the space the minute they enter, so that you and your children breathe in clean air constantly and protect yourselves from allergic reactions. The Dyson Pure cool gets rid of 99.95 per cent of dust particles and pollutants in the room as the gadgets’ Air Multiplier technology boasts a 360-degrees vacuum-sealed HEPA filter to capture ultra-fine particles, exterminating contaminants as little as 0.1 microns. With this purifier, the air you breathe in will be as sanitary as before.

Scenario 2: Cooking turkey, trimmings and cookies

While the aroma of cookies baking, and a turkey roasting in the oven is absolutely sublime, it can be quite overpowering at the dinner table. Before you light warm holiday-scented candles around your home and at the dinner table, switch on the purifier to eliminate odours and toxic fumes from the kitchen. The Pure Cool features a layer of activated carbon granules to get rid of scents around the home, banishing harmful toxins simultaneously.

Scenario 3: Entertaining too many guests

Whether you have a large or compact space, a home can sometimes get slightly warm overtime. Not to forget the heat from the oven, food on the table, and candles all around. If you do feel like your space is getting a bit too hot and stuffy, switch on the Dyson Pure Cool. The fan provides cool long-range circulation – while purifying the space – and you can choose to set it low (at one) or high (at ten). Additionally, you can have it still, or set it to move from 45-350 degrees.

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