Heading Back to Work

Hiba Sabra, Maharati’s co-founder and Communications Manager, shares her tips to getting back into work mode after a long absence

Did you know that when fewer women participate in the workplace, the global economy operates without the talents, skills and abilities of 51% of the world’s population?

“It wasn’t something I was particularly aware of when I made the decision to propel myself back into the workforce. I was anxious about a 6-year absence, the effect on our family unit and how I was going to juggle the responsibilities and burdens only moms shoulders carry,” says Hiba.

Here are a few real-life tips that personally helped her rebuild my career, while managing to strike a work/family lifestyle:

  1. Take the time to decide what you want and the time commitment you need to make. This is critical to working out the workplace that suits you. Do you want to rejoin the traditional workplace in a full time 9-5 role, or are you looking for more flexible working hours that allow you to pack the lunches in the morning and still do the school runs? You could also work from home, choosing the jobs and hours on your own terms.
  2. Ask for help and seek advice from family and friends. This can be as simple as finding a great nanny that you can entrust your kids to when you are at work or joining a physical or social moms support group. You can even find a mentor, someone to keep you sane with the myriad of changes in the early days.
  3. Set the expectations in your new workplace, before you start. There must be a balance between the flexibility the company offers you and the commitment, work ethic and performance you bring to the role. This is a classic give and take scenario. It will be difficult but having the conversation from the outset really helps.
  4. Read & Re-skill. This is going to be one of the most rewarding and future-proofing steps you can take. Automation will eventually take over 30-45% of the world’s current jobs. Get up-to-date, use your skills or find something you are passionate about and start your side hustle.
  5. Exercise! I hear the moans, and it’s definitely easier said than done. For me, I found yoga an essential tool to keeping me focused, releasing stress and allowing me to keep my head straight in the workplace and at home.

Maharati.com was founded to provide us moms a flexible, online platform where we could re-enter the workforce at our own pace, help build a more current portfolio and pursue our true passion while earning an income. On the flip side, Maharati is a great place to find the talent needed to launch your own entrepreneurial spirit, matching skills to lean budgets and maybe building that next unicorn!” says Hiba.

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