The Nutrition Benefits of Chicken

The nutrition benefits of chicken include its low fat and calorie content, and high protein and high making it ideal for growing children, as well as keeping weight under control for mums and dads. As well as these benefits, chicken is also packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

The nutrition benefits of chicken

The nutrition benefits of chicken are considerable.
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Six of the nutrition benefits of chicken

Chicken is High in Protein

The protein in chicken helps muscle growth and development in kids.

Natural Mood-enhancer

Both chicken and turkey are high in the amino acid ‘tryptophan’ which gives you a natural ‘feel-good’ factor. Eating a portion of chicken or turkey also boosts the brain’s levels of serotonin (another natural feel-good chemical produced by the body). This boost can lift your mood and help to aid restful sleep.

Good for Your Heart

Eating lean chicken, such as the breast meat, and controls the levels of the amino acid, homocysteine. When levels of this are too high, it can contribute to heart disease.

Supports Healthy Teeth, Bones and Organs

Chicken is rich in phosphorus, an essential mineral that supports the health of your teeth and bones, as well as the functioning of your kidney, liver and central nervous system.

Supports your Immune System

Chicken is a good source of selenium, an essential mineral involved in the healthy function of your thyroid, hormone, metabolism, and immune system.

Metabolism Booster

Vitamin B6 (or B-complex vitamins) encourage your digestive enzymes to do their work, meaning your metabolism gets a boost. With good metabolic function, you help your blood vessels to stay healthy, you raise your energy levels and help to manage your weight.


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