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Zippy’s 2020 Ramadan Collection

Looking for a special outfit for Ramadan or Eid? ZIPPY’s latest collection features two lines: The Casual and Party, showcasing vibrant colours and patterns designed specifically for this period. This year, the collection also brings a novelty, pleats, which give party dresses a touch of sophistication and a hint of nostalgia for mums.


The Casual Line

Romantic and delicate, this range from ZIPPY’s Ramadan collection excels in the details that give various pieces a sui generis elegance. Each piece has been carefully designed to allow children to move comfortably, without neglecting the cut and style, along the way, therefore, making it ideal for children who want to play around in stylish wear.

The knits used in the garments to be worn at the top, combine with the bottoms which showcase daring materials such as tulle, both designed with casual and practical looks in mind. And since summer is looming, you can also find linen pieces, for a fresh, classic and breezy look.


The Party Line

Characterized by vibrant colours (orange and yellow), and/or romantic elements like flowers and stars, this Ramadan line puts the fun back into stylish party ensembles. To further improve the collection, ZIPPY offers solutions that allow brothers and sisters, of different ages (from toddlers to kids), to dress equally or match perfectly with similar outfits.

Tulle, pleats and satin pieces make a statement, which reveal a charming vibe. Amp up the glamour with accessories that stand out for their gold, glitter and design elements, enhancing each look.



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