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How to keep your baby safe and clean during playtime

Playtime is perhaps the most important activity of young children. It’s their “work,” their principal occupation, and how they learn! Even when this process may not be obvious, learning occurs all the time for young children. They learn by exploring the world around them, interacting with people they meet, and experimenting with things they come across.

Children learn from each other

When children play with siblings and friends, they learn from each other. As questions, challenges, and conflicts arise, they figure out how to solve problems.

When your child plays in a group made up of different ages, he has the opportunity to learn in two different ways: first, by modelling the behaviour of the older children, and second, by “teaching” the younger or less advanced children.

Children learn by doing

Learning is an active process. The more hands-on experiences your child has, the more curious and capable he’ll become. Children are fascinated by the work grownups do — cooking, household chores, and fixing things. What’s more, these real-life tasks have tremendous learning value for children. So give your child his own small bowl of pancake batter to mix and a child-size broom so he can help sweep the floor.

Children learn from the adults in their lives

Your lifelong offering of unconditional love and support is essential for your child to thrive and develop. This relationship provides the sense of security and positive self-esteem your child needs in order to achieve and to learn. When you support your child in this challenging job, then your child’s work really will be child’s play.

Make playtime safe and clean

Are you tired of worrying about leaks in public because the diapers you use just don’t cut it? Does your baby frequently experience leaks because their diaper is soaked through?

There’s no question: you need a better diaper.

It’s every parent’s worst fear — the diaper leaking over you baby’s body, clothes and probably also on you. Diaper catastrophes tend to happen at the back of the diaper where it is hard to create a seal.

A tried & true and most importantly trusted brand by parents for decades, Pampers has introduced its German technology diaper that offers 100% leakage protection. Pampers’ most absorbent diapers yet are specially designed with extra absorb channels, absorbent micro pearls and perfect anti-leakage barriers for heavy-duty leak protection.

Channeling German innovation, Pampers’ diapers are especially designed to ensure maximum absorption and no leaks. Available in sizes one to six and soon in size 7, Pampers offers parents one less thing to worry about when they are playing.

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