What to expect when you’re expecting: Rujoom Qamar

Rujoom Qamar

Abu Dhabi mum-to-be Rujoom Qamar and mum to Zorayn takes us through her pregnancy journey month by month.

JULY: We had just gotten over a super busy month of Ramadan and I had travelling plans lined up, starting from London. I noticed my mood was so low, feeling lethargic and just irritated at the littlest of things. I discussed this with my friend when she randomly suggested I take a pregnancy test to which I replied saying it can’t be! That was the last thing that was on my mind because I had not even missed my period date yet. I got visa, we booked our tickets, and then my friends words rang again in my head and I thought, ‘What if?’. I decided to do a test and there it was, the two lines! Totally unexpected to say the least, but it made me, my husband and family happy. My first born is almost five-years old and it was not like my family & close friends around me had not questioned on the second baby (gazillion times) To confirm this, I scheduled myself immediately for a blood test, the same day to know it for certain before I travelled. On knowing that I hadn’t even missed my period date yet, the doctor disregarded my positive home test and suggested I wait for the blood test report. I won’t lie, while I waited, I started to get convinced that it could indeed be a false positive. But I got a call from the hospital same evening confirming and congratulating me for the news.

AUGUST: Funny story, even with my first pregnancy I was due to travel when I found out that I had conceived just a day before travelling date. So, this time as well, I carried on with my travel plans, as planned. Our summer was spent in London, Istanbul, Lahore, Karachi and finally back home. During these weeks, I was going through the usual morning nausea, the tiredness and fatigue, migraines, extreme mood swings.

SEPTEMBER: 12 weeks had passed and I was ready to tell people after the first in-depth scan. Since I’m a social media blogger I knew I couldn’t hide the news for long. As and when I would break the news to someone, first thing I’d hear was “How were you travelling around so much in that condition?” Well ladies, if there’s no risk associated with your pregnancy, it is totally safe to travel in your first trimester as well. Except, you have to be prepared to fight a lot of sickness and stay a little careful of the physical activities you do.

Rujoom Qamar
OCTOBER: I was finally starting to feel a lot better emotionally, felt a positive sudden change in my mood and energy levels. I bounced back on my social media blogging and opened up about my pregnancy. Yes, I was starting to put on weight monthly. I am one of those who gains a lot during the pregnancy. Scheduled soon for my anamoly scan, which is ideally done between 18 to 20 weeks for a much deeper look and to detect any abnormalities (God forbid!). I was excited to know the gender of the baby. Husband and myself had been hoping for a girl this time, while my older child prayed every night for a baby brother. I was soon to find that out – but only reveal it to my close family and friends.

NOVEMBER: In my anomaly scan, we discussed the Ectopic fetal heartbeat and the fact that I am in early gestation and my due date was now expected to be 10 days earlier than what had been calculated before. Cool! That just crossed another 10 days off my countdown. But even though the doctor assured me the ectopic heartbeat was insignificant, it still got me a teeny bit worried. My doctor referred me for another radiology scan with fetal heart specialist, but I had to get this approved by insurance and had to wait till third trimester begins. As per policy, one radiology scan per term.

December: I had my scheduled radiology scan to confirm the fetal heartbeat. Nothing to worry about! I was around seven months – already 12 to 14 kgs up. However, this time around I decided to not shy away from the bump or my growing weight. I told myself I will continue to dress up and try my best to look good. I invested in dresses that gave room to growing belly, and other maternity clothes – ordered online from various different stores like Namshi, Voga closet, Asos maternity. Winter break started, and we had no travelling plans for the first time in a long time. So, we planned activities to keep busy in the city. Went over to my parents’ house to stay a couple of days. Even though they are both working, we still made plans and entertained my kid.

January: Started off this month with a family picnic watching the spectacular fireworks by the Abu Dhabi corniche. Since I am in my last trimester, another 50ish days to go, I am growing by the day – now around 25 kgs up. With this increase in size it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I feel sciatic pain at times and unbearable heart burn. No matter what I eat, or don’t eat, day or night, I had been experiencing severe heartburn. I got prescribed pills that were a life savior.  My baby shower is happening this month, which is being planned by my amazing friends. My child is now eagerly counting down days and asking me every day when he can meet his baby sibling. My mum has started shopping for newborn onesies and immediate use items that I don’t already have. We are all getting super excited. I must say I am nervous as well – worrying if my second is also going to be a surgery, and if so, how will I manage the recovery, the newborn, and school runs. But I guess I should just let it all be. I just need to stay strong and positive.

With thanks to Rujoom for sharing her pregnancy journey with us so far, you can follow her on Instagram @rujoomsreverie_ to keep up-to date with her impending birth and more on motherhood. 

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