Why a good night’s sleep can help you parent better

Motherhood and sleep deprivation mostly go hand in hand.  Round-the-clock feedings, frequent diaper changes and fussy cries from colicky babies can make sleeping soundly at night nearly impossible for new mums.  And even as children get older, quality slumber remains a challenge for many mothers.

While we all know that getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to our wellbeing, there’s a good chance many are unaware that sleep loss can also significantly impact one’s parenting style.  Experts agree that sleepless nights can even get in the way of fulfilling a mother’s responsibilities of taking care of the family and raising well-balanced children.

As the Arab world is getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, WHISPER is pushing for greater awareness on making quality sleep a priority in everyone’s self-care habits.

Dominik Zunkovic, sleep expert and WHISPER Founder, said, “Parents deal with sleep deprivation all the time. More so for mothers, when each day for them is as frantic and frazzled, and full of many challenges, from the new-born phase to the preschool years and beyond.  Motherhood can certainly bring that sense of being overwhelmed quickly, and this in turn leads to both physical and emotional exhaustion.  Although it should be top of mind every day of the year, it’s a good Mother’s Day reminder that taking care of yourself – and that includes getting adequate amount of sleep – is an essential part of recharging your batteries.  Making sure that you are in tip-top shape physically, mentally and emotionally puts you in a position to be a better human overall.”

Several studies have revealed that sleep deprivation inhibits our mental processes, reducing our ability to stay calm when confronted with negative stimuli, such as stress and anxiety.  Sleep loss can also impair our judgement, alter our mood significantly, and interfere with our ability to manage emotions.  Moreover, lack of sleep causes fatigue and can interfere with parents’ ability to express joy and affection.  According to Dominik, the warmth and affection given by parents to their children can bring life-long positive outcomes for the little ones.

“Research points to the link between affection in childhood and health and happiness in the future. One study by the Duke University Medical School, for instance, found that babies with very affectionate and attentive mothers grow up to be happier, more resilient, and less anxious adults. Parental emotions like enthusiasm and joy, as well as sadness and anger, can easily rub off on children.  So, when children are raised in a loving home, it’s natural that higher self-esteem, improved academic performance, better parent-child communication, and fewer psychological and behaviour problems follow,” Dominik explained.

Meanwhile, another study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that there is a link between maternal sleep and permissive parenting.  According to the report, mothers who don’t get enough quality slumber have a greater tendency to engage in permissive parenting, a parenting style marked by lax or inconsistent discipline.

“It’s clear that a good night’s sleep is an important contributor to effective, responsible, calm and peaceful parenting.   As Mother’s Day approaches, we at WHISPER would like to help those who want to put a little more thought into making their mothers feel extra loved on their special day. Giving the gift of good sleep is a gesture that can make the most difference in her life not only on this occasion but for years to come.  A WHISPER mattress and pillow is what you need when you think about great sleep,” revealed Dominik.

Nothing will help you achieve a truly re-energizing sleep than a bedroom designed for sound slumber, and for this, you have to trust the WHISPER mattresses and pillows.  WHISPER, with over 30-years’ experience in the mattress industry, works with professional sleepers and material engineers to develop the technology, fabrics and revolutionary foam that altogether create the best sleep experience possible.  Expertly developed to bring utmost comfort to sleepers, the WHISPER mattress and pillows are engineered to keep you cool and cosy through the night, ensuring sleepers are rid of pain and stress so mothers wake up recharged and fuelled for the next day’s adventures with their little ones.

Details: Visit the website for more information.

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