A Tribute to mums and kids on Mothers’ Day 2022

To coincide with the launch of a very special Okaidi Obaibi commemoration video for Mothers’ Day this year, the popular kids’ clothing brand tells us more about clothes and confidence in children. But first, click the video below to find out how some wonderful mums and their gorgeous kids feel about choosing children’s clothes!

In commemoration of Mothers’ Day this year, we teamed up with Okaidi and four of our amazing MBC readers, Wirsa, Ashima, Diana and Asmaa, to find out more about how their children feel about the clothes they wear.

The power that our clothes have over a child’s confidence, attitude and emotions is huge. When our kids wear something they really like, it makes them happy and confident, according to Okaidi Obaibi, the popular children’s clothes retailer. To appreciate this from a child’s point of view, imagine how you feel when you dress for a job interview, a romantic date or a client meeting. Your clothes have a big effect on how you feel and how confident you are in any given situation. And kids feel similar sentiments about themselves in their clothes.

Okaidi Mothers Day

Six year old twins Mariam and Rokia chose their own outfits from the Okaidi store for the commemorative Mother’s Day video shoot.

When both adults and kids feel they are looking good, they feel strong, happy and inspired. In short, they’re more confident. And confident kids often tend to be kind kids, as they are self-aware in a positive way, not insecure when interacting with other kids. Conversely, it’s a good idea to not force your kids to wear something of your choice if they have their own preference. They should wear what makes them feel good, as long as it’s weather-appropriate. This feeling will translate into confidence and calmness.

Okaidi Mothers Day

Four year old Shivam had fun choosing his outfit from Okaidi before finally opting for his favourite colours!

Think about the opposite scenario – If you have days where you don’t think your clothes fit well and look good, we tend to feel awkward, more shy and more inclined to hide behind the desk, or work from home to avoid other people noticing what we think about ourselves. In the case of kids, they may take things more personally, rather than reacting with confidence. 

Okaidi Mothers Day

Three year old Elroy and his mother Wirsa checking out the colour options for his outfit, on the day of the Okaidi shoot for Mothers’ Day.

Most kids get very attached to their clothes and simply feel better in themselves when they have clothes they love! Okaidi says this is especially true when children have chosen the clothing themselves, as many do in their stores. Okaidi arranges lots of colours and styles according to type (T-shirts, trousers, dresses, etc.), along with matching footwear choices helpfully placed close by, so that kids can easily see the clothes and understand how to mix, match and feel confident in their clothes. (And yes, it helps to have expert Okaidi stylists to arrange clothes in the most helpful way for children!)

Okaidi Mothers Day

Six year old Matthew made a beeline for his favourite colour, orange, and shows his mother Diana his final Okaidi outfit choice.


What clothes do your kids reach for every morning? Maybe your child wants to wear their favourite coloured T-shirt to school every day. If your kids are at an age when you can use the power of clothes for good, it’s a great idea to get them involved in helping to choose what they like. The experts all agree that it is better to take your child shopping with you, rather than simply come home with you. If your kids are aged between 2-8 years, now is the time to help them develop positive connections that will build on their self-esteem.

Our thanks, appreciation and absolute awe go to Wirsa and her son Elroy; Diana and her son Matthew; Asmaa and her twin girls Mariam & Rokia; and Ashima and her son Shivam. Mother Baby & Child readers are the BEST!! 



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