Hair care that works for busy mums

We sat down with Tara Rose Kidd, founder and director of Tara Rose Salons, to discuss some simple hair care tricks for busy mums.  

Having great hair is a wonderful confidence booster! Beautiful locks are a tried-and-tested way to look put together, no matter if you’ve been up with little ones in the night, or are just too rushed to spend much time getting ready in the morning. Here are some handy tips to bear in mind for mothers who want to take better care of their hair – in a way that fits in with the demands of parenting!


Tara tells us “Women in this region, especially mums, invest heavily in their regular hair maintenance. This includes the cut, the colour and various treatments. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the full benefits of this, as they tend to give more importance to their skin upkeep at home. Here are some tips to protect your mane.


Using the correct retail range of products at home can extend the life of your newly-coloured hair, all the way from two weeks, to almost eight weeks! Some products can also coat the hair with silicones, which will affect the overall scalp and hair health, so do make sure to look through the ingredients list and keep an eye on how your locks react to these chemicals.


Using a detox shampoo once a week works like a facial scrub for your hair, removing all the impurities and buildup that otherwise sit on your head. The scalp then absorbs all the necessary nutrients from the regular shampoos and conditioners, meaning all of your products will work much more effectively – a win-win!


For busy mums, a simple routine is far easier to maintain. For those with thicker hair in particular, a quick wash and condition at night is best as it’s usually easier to fit in. Tara also recommends using an overnight hair mask from Olaplex or K18 once a week, to really help your locks shine.


For mums whose hair gets tangled easily, sleeping on silk pillowcases helps reduce breakage over time, protecting hair thickness. For those with curlier hair, braiding your mane at nighttime also reduces frizz in the morning, making styling much quicker!


Filtered shower heads absorb harmful microbes, metals, bacteria and harmful chemicals such as chlorine. In some cases, using a shower filter helps reduce eczema, rashes, dandruff and an itchy scalp, which may stem from toxin irritation.


Choosing a great salon and a trusted expert who can advise you on long-term hair solutions is essential. Tara Rose Salon doesn’t just offer hair services, it takes a step forward with aftercare advice based on each mother’s budget, lifestyle, hair type and overall hair goals.

Moreover, mums have a hard time making time for themselves. Taking small segments of time throughout the week to maintain your hair can be ‘self-care time’ and a chance to ground yourself – so you look and feel your best!

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