Lost & found pet app ensures safer lives for animals in the UAE

The loss of a pet can be a devastating experience for pet owners, who often consider their furry companions as beloved family members. Carlie Leake, Founder of Where My Paws At app Founder, came up with the idea after her beloved cat went missing for a few days, leaving her devastated and without any specialised services to help her find him.

For every dog and cat parent in the UAE, Where My Paws At provides a variety of services, both free and paid, to address this ever-growing issue. Once downloaded, it is possible to establish one or more pet profiles that include crucial information. From the pet’s breed and colour to contact information and microchip numbers, and more. The general population cannot access this information. The user instantly joins the Where My Paws At community as their profile is activated.

Users of the free option have access to a wide range of features, including the ability to create numerous pet profiles, receive immediate missing notification when a pet is lost in the neighbourhood, view monthly specials, and participate in a centralized microchip platform.

The paid option, which costs AED25 per month, adds features like the ability to send instant lost alerts to the community through the app should your pet go missing, the ability to receive found alerts when your pet is found, a personalized auto-generated missing pet flyer to share externally through WhatsApp, social media platforms, and print out, as well as monthly discounts for grooming, pet food & accessories, pet friendly leisure, and more.

In the UAE, pets must be microchipped. Many pet owners are unaware that veterinarians don’t always have immediate access to every microchip number registered in the UAE. If a lost pet is discovered by a member of the public and brought to a veterinarian without having their microchip number registered with the veterinarian, it becomes difficult to track down their owners. This is a highly drawn-out, time-consuming process. Where My Paws At has developed a way to assist in resolving this issue.

The procedure is made simpler by using the Where My Paws At app. Veterinarians who have registered with the app can check microchip numbers at no cost. If a microchip is detected through scanning, the number can then be looked up using the app. Veterinarians will receive a profile match if the animal is registered with Where My Paws At, allowing them to get in touch with owners directly. This facilitates finding a lost or recovered pet and reuniting them with their owner in a simpler, quicker, and more effective manner.

A pet tag that syncs with the app has been created by Where My Paws At. Pet identification tags, which can be purchased for AED100 each, make it simple to identify lost or discovered animals wearing the tags. Every tag contains a special QR code that, when scanned, displays vital details from the pet’s profile and allows the finder the choice to share the pet’s present location. Users have access to the app’s premium features for free for two months. The tag continues to function normally even if customers decide not to keep the premium features once the free trial has expired.

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