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Many families have a beloved pet who brings so much love into their lives. The fear of what would happen if they got lost is hard to think about. Dozens of pets go missing in the region every week and many of these beautiful animals are not properly tagged, meaning many may never find their way back home again. You only have to look at bulletin boards or on social media to see that lots of adored pets get lost all the time. However, this is a heartbreak that can easily be prevented – let’s take a look.


The easiest way to protect your furry family members is by making sure they can be identified easily. If your dog or cat is wearing a tag, this is a simple but effective indicator that they have a family and may be missing.

When an animal is found without an ID tag, the current process is disjointed. Most pet parents aren’t aware that there’s no central microchip database here in the UAE. Lost animals are taken to the nearest vet for a free microchip scan, but if the animal isn’t registered to that particular vet, the gruelling process of contacting every vet in the city must begin, until a match is found.


Carlie Leake discovered this first-hand when her cat Moo went missing for three days. This scary experience motivated her to create a better solution for all pet owners in the region, and so ‘Where My Paws At’, the first pet safety app in the UAE, was born. Her business offers a new solution by creating a centralised safety platform, where pet owners become part of a singular platform that can be alerted if their pet goes missing.


Whilst other tracking and tagging services exist, they rely on your pet being brought to the same clinic they were microchipped at in order to be traced. ‘Where My Paws At’ provides a central place that connects registered vet clinics, pet owners, charities and rescuers across the country, significantly increasing the chances of reuniting owners with their missing animals.

In this system, your pet’s smart tags link to an app. Each tag comes with a unique QR code that shows important information from your pet’s profile when your tag is scanned – and all that’s needed to access this information is a camera phone.  If your pet is taken to a registered vet using the app, their microchip details can be checked via the app and your pet’s profile will show, so they can contact you directly. If someone finds your pet through the app, they can notify you immediately.  The direct call function allows the finder to contact you directly and share their exact location with you via an app alert and email. Lastly, the person who finds your pet does not need to be part of Where My Paws At for the tag to work, so most eventualities are covered.

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