How homeopathy can help your family’s health

Dr Batra explains how homeopathy can be a complimentary and safe way to boost the wellbeing of your family.

Tell us a little about yourself and your clinics?

I was born into a family of doctors. My mother studied traditional medicine, my father studied homeopathy – so I was exposed to both from an early age. After qualifying from the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College, I joined a charitable clinic. In my nine years there, I gained a lot of experience, renown, respect, which helped me get started with my own business.

In 1982 I set up the world’s first computerised, branded homeopathy clinic and over the last 40 years, from that small clinic in Chowpatty, Mumbai, we have grown to 225 clinics in 133 cities and 7 countries.

What are the beliefs behind your brand?

Often people get confused between branding and marketing. Branding is about making people feel something, while marketing is about making them do something.  Marketing speaks to the mind while branding speaks to the heart. My brand is not just a logo or a byline.  It is an experience at every touch point. The Dr Batra’s® brand stands for trust, innovation and professionalism.  We offer the best possible treatments and products under our brand and we work hard to keep these promises.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German MD doctor. Homeopathy uses a holistic approach to treatment. It considers each individual person’s physical and mental constitution, to provide the right homeopathic remedy for you specifically. It gets to the root cause of your ailments, rather than only treating what shows up on the surface. Homeopathy can provide effective, long-lasting results and enhance the overall quality of a person’s life.

The main principle is that like cures like. So, substances which produce certain symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat a sick person with a similar set of symptoms. For example, when you chop onions, it gives you watery eyes and a runny nose. You may even sneeze and cough. This happens because of the onion’s active substances. The homeopathic remedy, Allium Cepa, made from red onion, can help overcome a cold or allergy attack where you show the same symptoms – this principle is very similar to that of a vaccine.

How does Homeopathy work compared to allopathy or traditional medicine?

Homeopathy works like a vaccine, building natural immunity from within, while allopathy works on the principle of opposites, to kill bacteria and infections. Both systems of medicine have their advantages and limitations.  While allopathy works well for infections and emergencies, homeopathy goes to the root of the problem to give long-term results in chronic cases, like obesity, hair loss, PCOS, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, arthritis and many more.

Is Homeopathy safe for children?

Yes, homeopathy is safe for children, as homeopathic remedies are derived from plant-based ingredients, which have no side-effects. These medicines are designed to boost children’s immunity in a safe manner. They allow a child’s body to develop its own antibodies, resulting in fewer bouts of illness.

Homeopathy has proven to be effective in treating a wide range of health issues in children, from colic in infants to teething problems, aches and pains, colds, coughs, flu, and even behavioural issues. All in all, it is a very safe treatment option for children.

How is Homeopathy good for health?

Homeopathy is good for health as it is holistic and preventive in nature other than being curative. It treats the mind and body as a whole and is therefore extremely useful in psychosomatic disorders like migraines, skin allergies, anxieties and depression.  Since homeopathy also builds immunity, it is useful as a preventive measure, for both parents and children, especially in the winter months.

Tell us a little about your latest treatments?

We have always combined homeopathy with the latest technology.  For our skin and allergy patients, we do a skin test from the UK which shows allergies within 20 minutes. These allergies are then treated through homeopathy.  Similarly, we do a computerised spirometry to check the breathing capacity of patients suffering from asthma and breathlessness. We supplement homeopathic treatments with the latest aesthetic services for hair growth and skin and we have a variety of homeopathic facials for lightening, tightening and brightening of skin.

Is Homeopathy becoming more popular as people become more conscious of what they consume?

Yes! During the pandemic, many people experienced difficulties in their physical, mental and general wellbeing. I think this has encouraged a conversation around the need for conscious and healthy living. People are more aware of their health these days, especially when it comes to what their families consume. This is why many parents are leaning towards a holistic and natural approach, one that addresses both physical and mental issues. This is where the gentle science of homeopathy comes into play, offering a safe route towards health that is helpful to all the family.

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