Enhance your holidays with these top ten free apps for kids

By Kareem McKenzie, Year 6 Teacher at The English College

The holidays are the perfect time for kids to relax, explore, and have fun. However, it’s also essential to keep their minds engaged and learning. Thanks to the ever-expanding world of educational apps, children can enjoy a productive month while having a blast.


In this edition, we’ve handpicked the top ten free apps that your kids can utilise to enhance their learning experience during the holiday months.

  1. Khan Academy Kids: Khan Academy Kids offers a treasure trove of interactive activities covering maths, reading, and critical thinking. This free app caters to children aged 2-7, encouraging self-paced learning and fostering creativity.
  2. Duolingo Kids: If you want to introduce your child to a new language, Duolingo Kids is the way to go. It makes language learning fun through colourful games and engaging challenges, perfect for keeping their language skills sharp.
  3. Toca Nature: Toca Nature allows kids to create their own miniature ecosystems and explore the wonders of nature. They can plant trees, observe animals in their habitats, and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world.
  4. ScratchJr: Designed for aspiring young coders, ScratchJr introduces the basics of programming through interactive storytelling. Kids can create their own animated stories and games, stimulating their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  5. DIY.org: DIY.org is a fantastic app that promotes hands-on learning. It offers a wide range of video-based projects in various areas like cooking, painting, photography, and more. Children can unleash their creativity and develop new skills through engaging and easy-to-follow tutorials.
  6. Epic!: Epic! is an extensive digital library that provides access to thousands of books, audiobooks, and educational videos for children of all ages. Kids can explore different genres, discover new authors, and nurture their love for reading.
  7. NASA App: For the little space enthusiasts, the NASA app is a goldmine of information. It offers stunning imagery, videos, and articles about space exploration, allowing children to learn about our universe and the wonders of astronomy.
  8. PBS Kids Games: PBS Kids Games offers a collection of educational games based on popular PBS TV shows. With interactive activities that cover various subjects like maths, science, and literacy, this app makes learning enjoyable and engaging.
  9. National Geographic Kids: With the National Geographic Kids app, children can embark on exciting virtual adventures while learning about animals, geography, and the environment. It features quizzes, videos, and fascinating articles to satisfy their curiosity.
  10. ABCmouse: ABCmouse is a comprehensive learning app for children aged 2-8, covering a wide range of subjects such as reading, maths, science, and art. It offers a step-by-step curriculum and engaging activities that adapt to each child’s learning level.

As parents and educators, it’s important to strike a balance between learning and leisure during the summer break. While these apps provide excellent learning opportunities, it’s equally vital for children to engage in physical activities, socialise, and enjoy unstructured playtime.

So, let’s make this an exciting time of exploration, growth, and fun-filled learning adventures! With these top ten free apps in hand, your kids will surely have a memorable and educational break.

Happy learning, and have an amazing holiday season!

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