Fostering holistic mental health development at Repton Al Barsha

In the dynamic landscape of education, fostering academic success is not solely about textbooks and exams; it hinges on the delicate balance of students’ mental wellbeing. Parents and educators play a pivotal role in steering children toward triumph by prioritising their emotional health.

Academic Success

Research unequivocally supports the notion that a student’s mental wellbeing is directly linked to their academic performance. A robust mental state is akin to a fertile ground where intellectual seeds sprout and flourish. When children feel emotionally supported and secure, they are better equipped to focus, absorb information and engage actively in the learning process.

Personal Success

Moreover, a healthy mind is the cornerstone of personal success. In the dynamic tapestry of adolescence, young minds are navigating a multitude of challenges, from friendships and social worries, to understanding themselves. A sound mental foundation not only fortifies kids against stressors but also enhances their resilience and problem-solving skills, all of which are critical assets for their future endeavours.

A new understanding

In the modern era, an increasing number of parents and schools recognise that academic triumph is not a solitary journey, but rather a holistic experience that encompasses emotional and psychological fortitude. By championing our children’s mental wellbeing, we lay the groundwork for a future where success is not just measured by grades but by the ability to face challenges with poise, determination and a healthy mindset.

Repton Al Barsha

Creating an environment that nurtures mental wellbeing involves open communication, active listening and understanding the unique needs of each child. Dedicated to nurturing students’ holistic development, Repton Al Barsha understands this and is prioritising the mental wellbeing of its students and parent community. The Al Barsha campus has implemented a series of strategies within its curriculum to cultivate positive relationships and emotions, digital wellbeing and safety.

Mental wellbeing remains at the forefront of the school’s educational framework, driven by dedicated long-term initiatives that foster the values of positive mental health and wellbeing in the classroom and beyond, offering enriching support to students, parents and the wider Repton community.

A skill for life

Chandini Misra, Principal of Repton Al Barsha says, “At Repton Al Barsha, we know that nurturing academic growth starts with mental and emotional wellbeing. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, the ability to deal with stress and anxiety is a critical life skill. By addressing these challenges within our supportive community, we are equipping our students to be future leaders who can confidently navigate any obstacles they may encounter in their professional and personal lives”.

Global Be Well Day

The Al Barsha campus recently participated in Cognita Group’s ‘Global Be Well Day’ initiative, engaging students and parents in meaningful discussions and activities focused on improving mental wellbeing and highlighting the importance of digital wellbeing and safety. The event provided the Repton community with a platform to openly discuss the importance of wellbeing, followed by a soothing yoga session led by expert yogi Rakhi Jutla, which highlighted practical techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Workshops and events

Furthermore, Repton Al Barsha regularly invites parents and students to engage in insightful workshops and panel discussions led by professionals who address wellbeing topics such as sleep, nutrition and more. These include the compelling ‘The Importance of Sleep’ led by Dr Edward Cody from Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, and the ‘Repton Wellness: Healthy Eating and Nutrition’ panel discussion, full of great information from clinical dietitians, Alison Diamond and Tina Chagoury. also delivered an informative step-by-step presentation for parents and students to follow, to help them live a more nutritious and healthy lifestyle. The campus also looks forward to welcoming Barry Cummings from ‘Beat the Cyber Bully’ to discuss safeguarding around online gaming and personal devices.

Checking in

To continuously augment its long-term strategies, Repton Al Barsha administers the ‘Pupil Attitudes to School and Self (PASS) Survey’, a valuable tool for assessing students’ wellbeing and understanding their perspective on various aspects of school life. The insights gained from these surveys enable the school to tailor their student and parent support accordingly. The recent survey findings indicated that Repton Al Barsha pupils have highly positive feelings about school and attitudes to teachers.  The school has also implemented the Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA)’ model within the curriculum, providing students with a framework for nurturing their mental wellbeing.


Recognising the pivotal role of parents and guardians in promoting mental health awareness, Repton Al Barsha also offers informative workshops, newsletters and direct communication channels that empower parents to engage in meaningful conversations with their children.

Repton Al Barsha also actively explores collaborations with local mental health organisations and community partners, including Mediclinic, Insights Psychology and Lighthouse Arabia, to provide an enhanced range of resources available to students and their families. From staff wellbeing weeks each term to exciting activities such as padel tennis, the school’s strategies encompass embedding wellbeing initiatives into academic programmes, broadening professional development opportunities for staff and cultivating an environment where open discussions about mental health are encouraged as standard practice.

Visit for more information on Repton Al Barsha’s enriching initiatives.

Image Credit: Repton Al Barsha

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