Inside Victory Heights primary school

We take a look at all that Victory Heights Primary School has to offer your child.

Victory Heights Primary School is a true community focused primary school, based in the heart of Dubai Sports City. The school’s ethos of ‘nurture, challenge, excel’ speaks directly to the experience that children enjoy – a wonderfully happy school, where children are encouraged to be themselves, supported and challenged by their teachers to do their very best. These principles have led to outstanding academic progress, a varied and creative curriculum, and students who develop into confident and well-rounded individuals.

The Victory Heights vision

The vision at Victory Heights Primary School is to create a school which is at the centre of the local community and is bursting with happy learners, who are enthusiastic about exploring the world around them. The aim is to create a fun and stimulating learning environment, where every day is a magical voyage of discovery for children.

Character development

The school wants to nurture responsible global citizens who are sensitive to other cultures and people. The students at Victory Heights are encouraged to respect their environment, develop a social conscience and give something back to society. In keeping with the traditions of the best British schools, there is an emphasis on the importance of an ‘all-round’ education. As a result, there is strong importance placed on character development, leadership skills and the ability to be a team player.


At Victory Heights Primary School, the British Curriculum is followed, with an appreciation and respect for Dubai and the culture of the UAE embedded throughout. The curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure it is impactful, purposeful and enables all children to flourish. Whether your child’s talents lie in the expressive arts, on the sports field, in the sciences, languages, literacy or numeracy, all achievements are celebrated! Teachers assess each child individually and draw upon their particular skills and interests.

Victory Heights believes in giving children the key tools and knowledge to succeed, as well as the skills to apply this in real life situations. Whilst the curriculum is innovative, challenging and supports all learners to be the best they can be, the basics are never overlooked and the teaching staff firmly believe that the fundamentals must be grasped; which is why their students continue to make exceptional progress.

Belonging and community

Heavily invested in community and the importance of belonging, the power of positivity for children is a value that resonates throughout every school activity. The ‘why’ at Victory Heights is to give young souls the strength to contribute and to make a difference to the choices that their generation will make. For the quiet, the expressive, the creative and the analytical characters, VHPS nurtures all eclectic personalities, guiding individuals to form groups, teams, villages, towns, countries and nations, now and into the future.

Visit, call +971 4 423 1100 or email to learn more.

Image Credit: Victory Heights

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