Playground Rules: Safety First!

Playground Rules: Safety First!

By Justyna Potocki

Fun and safety should always go hand in hand when at the playground. Here’s how:

1. Time out! For water that is.

Make sure your little one make frequent stops to hydrate.

2. Dress code.

A kid version of smart casual is a must at the playground. Clothes that are too long or baggy can easily get caught in some of these playground contraptions.

3. Be present.

Kids love looking over at you and smiling from the top of the slide or give you a look that means “help!” Be there to receive it and take action if necessary.

4. Don’t pressure.

Don’t pressure your child to go on the big slide or swings. Kids will challenge themselves when ready. Let them take the lead on where they feel comfortable.

5. Peanuts? No thank you.

The playground is a place where kids tend to be at close proximity using the same equipment. Sticky fingers covered in what’s left over from a peanut butter sandwich or a pack of peanut M&Ms may seem like just a snack to you but to many they are a panicked trip to the emergency room. If you do take snacks to a public place where your children will interact with others, please try to take snacks that are free of peanuts. It could go as far as saving a life.

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