Top 10 Things Working Mums Should Quit

Top 10 Things Working Mums Should Quit

(and it’s not your job)

1. Cooking dinner daily

Food is just one of those things the entire family needs to get involved with. Particularly working those gruelling nine to fives, there’s no way you’ll be able to play chef every single night. Coordinate with hubby – and older children – for the occasional pasta night and promise them you won’t complain.

2. Having a massive to-do list Having-a-massive-to-do-list

You have an application for one, and you stick the other on the fridge. We all love our to-do lists, but the frustration of having one too many incomplete tasks will eventually get to us. Make sure your list is realistic; delegate and prioritise so you can find the time to focus on the things which truly matter.

3. Gossiping about other mums Gossiping-about-other-mums

We’re all guilty of the occasional (totally unnecessary) chit chat. It may feel exciting to share some gossip or critique Susy from Finance’s parenting skills, but that’s not the right way to go. Motherhood is all about support, and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to taking care of your children, so refrain from engaging in any conversation of the sort.

Making-their-schedule-about-the-kids4. Making your schedule about the kids

A mother will always ensure her children’s needs are being met, but your schedule will have to factor in everything you do, not everything the children do, think of and might need. Make sure you have a good balance in place and remember: your children will thank you for it – you can trust us on this one.

5. Staying up late Staying-up-late

 With all of the things she has to do, mummy often sleeps late, very late. By the time you get home, handle the chores, take care of the kids’ needs and do all that needs to be done, it’s past 2 am – at least. Sleep is very important for your well-being (we’re probably not the first to tell you) so make sure you get enough.

s6. Redoing everything

If it’s done, it’s (probably) done. Don’t keep doing things just because you think they need to be redone. This cycle is pretty much unbreakable and will only lead to disappointments and wasting time and energy on perfectly-complete tasks. Keep refocusing your energy and attention on what’s needed the most.

7. Comparing yourself to other mumsComparing-themselves-to-other-mums

Motherhood isn’t a competition. Every mum has a different way of doing things and, just like you avoid being harsh over other mums’ way of doing things, you should be kind to yourself too. Always remember that you’re doing your best given the circumstances.

the-gym8. The gym

Don’t get us wrong, we actually love going to the gym. However, for some mothers, the commute and commitment that comes with it may not be that ideal. With society constantly labelling every fitness activity as “the gym”, the pressure can get a bit too high. If you’re not a fan of the gym, try out any other home-based workouts through DVDs, YouTube, etc.

9. Giving up on ‘me-time’ Giving-up-on-me-time
You need some time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about going to the spa for a relaxing massage, heading to the salon for a rainbow-colored manicure or spending your Friday (without the kids) with your girlfriends. Go on, you deserve it…

mum-of-the-year10. Trying for ‘Mum of the Year’
It’s ok to make mistakes and just as ok to admit it. Be kind to yourself and always remember that your family loves you just the way you are – crazy work weeks and all!

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