Clothes that grow with children

A 24-year-old has picked up the prestigious James Dyson Award, after inventing clothes that grow with children.  

clothes that grow with children

Every parent knows the problem: whenever you buy clothes for your kids, within what seems like five minutes they’re growing out of them.

That’s where 24-year-old designer Ryan Yasin steps in. He recently invented a material expands as children grow, using scientific principles he learnt whilst studying for a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. The impressive design also landed him the prestigious James Dyson Award.

Called Petit Pli, Yasin was inspired to create the clothing line, when he became frustrated with how quickly his young nephew and niece outgrew the clothes he bought for them.

The origami-like material, unfolds as children grow, and is lightweight, durable, waterproof, machine washable and recyclable.

All of the clothes in the Petit Pli range fit children from when they are three-months-old until they are three-years old.

On winning the James Dyson Award which came with AED 9,700 prize money, Yasin said: “It’s just great to have that backing and recognition of my solution. The prize money is an added bonus, but I know how I will use it. In addition to supporting my R&D, it will help me form an interdisciplinary team of experts to take Petit Pli to the next level: putting it in the hands of parents worldwide and making a tangible difference to the way we consume resources in the fashion industry.”

Clothes that grow with children

 Details: Interested in buying Petit Pli clothes? Subscribe to Petit Pli to be the first one to hear when they are on the market. If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy this story on ways to save money on children’s clothing.

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