Neha Pandey on music, motherhood and multitasking

Single mum and renowned Indian pop artist and playback singer, Neha Pandey, opens up about her journey.

Neha Pandey

Neha Pandey is no stranger to Dubai’s media scene. The Indian pop artist/playback singer and Founder of Bella Bee (an event consultancy) was born in Uttar Pradesh in India and spent her childhood years between Mussorie, Dehradun, Delhi and Lucknow.

After travelling across the globe to collaborate with artists from Hong Kong, Australia, Sudan and the United States, Neha relocated to Dubai in 2005, to pursue her music career from the Middle East. In the year 2017, Neha’s single Na Roko, was aired on MTV Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas and Australia. Her latest track, Busy Busy, reached over 33 million views on YouTube.

But while music plays an integral role in her life, so does being a mum to young Aren Benjamin. The eight-year-old, she tells me, is her life partner. “I take him everywhere. We love movies, go for walks together, travel, and dine out frequently.” Being a single mum, Neha tells me that perseverance and resilience have been the key factors in raising her child. “I never start my days without planning. Planning is vital. I plan for 100 per cent and even if I achieve over 50 per cent, I am not hard on myself. I keep my notes and diaries and I value time.”

Neha Pandey

Over the years, Neha has found herself facing quite a few speed bumps and roadblocks. “Not having a mother or any such figure in life made me turn into a Google mum. I remember working full time during my pregnancy and it was quite stressful. That had an impact on my health, and I ended up delivering a month earlier,” she tells me.

Ever since she has learned to multi-task strategically. “It begins with prepping my son for school, followed by the gym, music practice, work, socialising, events, and finally home to spend time with my son. My daily schedules are never the same though,” says Neha. As we talk about school, life in Dubai and her music career, she tells me that her responsibility has multiplied by the tenfold, ever since she became a single mum.

“It has been an extremely emotional journey so far. There have been many twists and turns. At times I often feel, “Why me? Why is everything working against me?” she says pouring her heart out. Neha lost her parents when she was quite young and has not had any family support for a while, but the resilience and willpower keep her going. “I decided to shift my focus, not blame a person or anything at all and work on all my various talents – the biggest one being my music. Motherhood, Neha says, has made her a complete woman. One who is more empathetic and realistic.”

Aren agrees. He often leaves sticky notes around the house to cheer up his mum. “His emotional quotient is strong, and he is very caring and empathetic,” says Neha. “My mum is the strongest, most special, supportive and the best mum in the whole wide world,” he adds in.

As for advice for new mums, Neha says, “Treasure the moments with your children. I believe there is no formula to motherhood really, but every mum knows what is best for her child.”

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