What to expect when you’re expecting: Bilna Sandeep

Bilna Sandeep

Dubai-based Civil Engineer and Business Coach, Bilna Sandeep takes us through her second pregnancy month by month.

APRIL: We shifted to a new apartment in Dubai and were busy setting up our new home. But towards the end of the month, I started seeing a decline in my enthusiasm. I was constantly too tired. One day while driving back home, I couldn’t breathe properly and felt my trousers had become too tight. I thought, maybe it’s time to take a test. I did and all we could see was a faint line. We decided to go to the doctor, and it was confirmed by evening that I was pregnant. We couldn’t really believe we were going to be having our second baby.

MAY: While I did not have much morning sickness, I was always tired and moody. Being a full-time working mom, I found it very difficult to cope up. After dropping my elder son to the school bus drop off point, I would sometimes head home and fall asleep. I am a social media person, but I wasn’t really active on Instagram those days. I just didn’t have anything positive to say.

JUNE: Oh boy! This month was tough. The summer heat was killing me and being a Civil Engineer, I had to visit various site offices. Though I took a break from the site walks due to safety issues, I still had to go around attending meetings.

JULY: This month was equally hot, but my workload was getting better. Also, my mood swings were going away. I kept hydrated – fresh coconut water was my go-to drink! I also carried around little packets of laban, as it gave me energy. Because I had Gestational Diabetes during my first pregnancy, I was told to keep food intake under control. I found myself be so hungry after work, that I would gobble up anything and everything.

AUGUST: I had gained 12 kgs by this month. At my fifth month scan, we opted not to find out the baby’s gender, like we did during the first pregnancy. This was also the time for my sugar test. The GTT results came out and I had Gestational diabetes (GD) as expected. The doctor asked me to consult a dietician.

Bilna Sandeep

SEPTEMBER: I was placed on medication along with insulin shots and a strict diet. I was so scared to prick myself and I had to take insulin shots four times a day. My hands would shiver every time I pricked myself. It’s kind of surprising how our mind and body works together. We learn, adjust and get used to any sort of pains for our precious little ones. So did my body. I now prick myself and I its kind of become a part of my life. In between I also got a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). My water intake, while I went on vacation, was apparently too low. Though I am a selfcare advocate, I always miss taking care of myself when I go home.

OCTOBER: I was asked to increase my insulin dosage every few days to keep my sugar levels under control. But ever since I started on insulin, my weight gain became stable. In fact, I did not gain any weight until the 37th week. By the end of the month, I got busy with my nesting phase. Being a second time mom, I was also being careful to make sure I did not buy anything that was not required. I bought only the absolute minimum items that would be necessary and suitable to our life.

NOVEMBER: This month again went by being busy with baby shopping. I also felt much energetic and went ahead and started planning my business that I plan to launch soon. I was also surprised at my burst of energy in creating a new YouTube channel for young and ambitious women covering topics related to career and small businesses.

DECEMBER: Though my due date is 1st Jan 2020, I was told I will have to be induced two weeks earlier due to my GD. Excited, anxious, scared! I am having a mix of all sort of emotions as I write this.

With thanks to Bilna for sharing her pregnancy journey with us, you can follow her on Instagram @bilnasandeep to keep up-to date with her motherhood journey. 

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