8 great podcasts for children

Podcasts aren’t just a great form of entertainment; they help children broaden their perspective; listening skills and attention span. Kid’s podcasts can offer an imaginative experience, with sounds effects, multiple voices and music to keep them focused on the storyline. Here are a few podcasts your children will love:

Stories Podcast
A new story is out every week, and you can expect retellings of classic fairytales, folklore, original stories, and myths from across the globe. Each episode is approximately 10-20 minutes, with content safe for all ages.

Fierce Girls
Little girls will love this Australian podcast. You might want to tune into the first few to see if it’s for your child’s maturity level – we hear it’s great for children over six to seven. The podcast showcases real-life stories of women from the country, revealing athletes and spies with an adventurous side.

Brains On
This educational science podcast reveals everything from how insects walk how the toilet system works, to how insects walk. Adults might learn plenty from this podcast too.

Noodle Loaf
Another science-focused podcast, but this one is musical-themed. Each story is about ten minutes long, making it great for toddlers. Your children will love the songs and learn more about the subject.

Circle Round
Tales from around the world. This podcast, aged for children between four to ten, releases weekly and focuses on teaching your children values. Stories deliver messages about kindness, generosity and other morals.

Dream Big Podcast

Hosted by adorable little Eva Karpman, the 7-year-old and her mum touch upon fun topics such as celebrities, award-winning experts, and trailblazers from all walks of life. A great source of inspiration for young ones.

What If World
If you have a curious little one, this storytelling podcast is perfect. It answers every question possible, from whether sharks have legs, to dragons and more. The topics are incredibly innovative, entertaining and educational. Your child can even tune in with his/her question, which will then be crafted into an original story with funny voices.

Peace Out
It’s never too late to teach your child about mindfulness. These short stories help children calm down. Each episode takes listeners through visualizations on feelings such as anxiety and fear. They are also paired with easy breathing exercises that your children will hopefully practice for years to come.

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