Child name stickers helping keep kids virus-safe at school

In these times of virus awareness, child name stickers and labels have taken on a new significance, with mothers now using name tag stickers as an important (and very clever!) part of helping to protect their children from virus spread at school. And as s a mother, you know how much kids love stickers!

Child name stickers and labels are helping to protect school kids from virus spread

Less virus-spread worry with child name stickers and labels at school

We know that one of the common ways that viruses, bacteria and other germs spread is through touch. With the new school term looming, it can be hard for a child to remember not to touch or borrow things from other children, and to only use their own items. Name tag stickers that label everything that belongs to your child have therefore become an absolute necessity – and a very clever way for mums to protect their kids while they’re away at school. The stickers also help teachers to easily identify items that belong to your child, with no confusion or extra handling of the items. 

Child name stickers and labels

But be careful, as not all children’s name stickers are equal! In these days of virus caution, children’s name tag stickers need to also be able to repel germs, as well as being resilient through the school term and beyond. Quality is the key when it comes to children’s name stickers and our recommendation is My Nametags.

Child name stickers and labels

My Nametags is a company with arguably the best reputation in the world for producing high quality, sustainably-produced name stickers, iron-on name tags for school children.

Child name stickers and labels

The company is used by mothers in 130 countries and produces a variety of iron-on name labels for children’s clothing, as well as an array of children’s name stickers that are manufactured with an antibacterial coating that makes them safe to use for face masks, lunchboxes, food packs, stationery and items of clothing. As a mark of the quality of thinking behind the products, the My Nametags stickers and labels are also washing machine and dishwasher safe – something that is appreciated by mums all over the world.

Available in A-Z alphabet & Arabic lettering

The ‘My Nametags’ name stickers and labels are already popular in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, children’s name labels and stickers from Name Tag are available in Arabic typography, as well as in the A-Z alphabetical format of other languages.

Children’s name stickers and labels include:

Maxi stickers

These are a larger sticker, best used for labelling your children’s lunchboxes, water bottles, books and school bags.

Child name stickers and labels

These maxi stickers are particularly important, as children eat with their hands – the same hands that touch their lunchbox, water bottle, juice cartons, snack packs and books. Available for you and your child to custom design your own unique maxi stickers in a variety of sizes and shapes, these stickers are expected to play a significant role in keeping your child’s items safe. 

Mini stickers

These mini sticker name labels come in a pack of 175 stickers with your child’s name printed on them. Older children and teens seem to prefer a smaller, more understated sticker, which is why the mini stickers are their preferred choice for discreetly labelling the inside of sunglasses, phone covers and books.

Child name stickers and labels

However, in these pandemic times, labelling their water bottles, pens, devices and other items with a small name sticker makes sense to even teenagers!

Iron-on name tag labels for kids’ clothing

In this era of pandemic precautions, name labels ironed into your childs clothing items are no longer a ‘nice-to-do,’ but ‘must-do’ element of equipping a child for the new school year. Labelling your child’s items will enable teachers to quickly identify what belongs to your child and avoid a scenario where children accidentally pick up and handle each other’s school gym gear, uniform items and other clothing. 

Child name stickers and labels

And remember, school uniforms are expensive but they all look the same! For this reason, iron-on name labels are a part of giving mums the comfort of ensuring that your child doesn’t lose any items – as well as helping to stay safe at school. 

Have fun customising your child’s labels together!

You can check out the My Nametags website for more information and the ordering process is easy. But the best part is that you can customise your labels together with your child, who can choose the background and images they love – and you just need to type their name or other text and order!

NOTE: Be sure to allow 2 weeks between the ordering and delivery of your child’s name labels!

You’ll find lots of information and inspiration on the My Nametags website and also on Instagram


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