What happens at our free breakfast events?

what to expect at pregnancy event

If you’re a parent (whether for the first time or not!), it’s natural to want to find out as much as possible about the wellbeing of your family, child and yourself and how to cope with the situations, dilemmas and demands you face.

Parenthood can feel lonely sometimes

Parenthood changes your life, and all the new situations and developments can sometimes make women feel a bit isolated. It can also be hard to talk to someone about the best way to deal with the various challenges of parenthood, so we’re here for you, as part of your community, to bring you together with a regular schedule of health, childcare and family experts to talk about parenthood issues and answer your questions. Our events are always free to attend and all mums are welcome.

Format of our events

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are warmly welcome to join us at any of our future events. The event are always free to attend, and usually take place over some delicious breakfast bites. The theme of the events vary (Pregnancy, Child Safety, Health, Education and Fashion – to name a few!) – and are always designed to address parenthood issues around you, your child and your family.

If you have never been to one of our breakfast events before, it is a relaxing and comfortable information gathering event for mums, against the backdrop of luxurious breakfast bites. Our Mother Baby & Child event series is designed to help women become more comfortable and confident in their role as a mother and have free access to professionals to ask questions and talk about their parenting concerns.

Attending one of our events on your own

If you don’t have someone to go with you to an event, it can be a bit scary walking into a room full of women you don’t know, and sitting by yourself. You don’t need to worry! Our events are carefully designed to make ladies like you to come along and feel comfortable. We arrange the space for ladies to sit at cosy tables for 4, so you have someone to sit with and talk to. Mothers all share the same bond, so you’ll quickly feel at ease when you hear a warm “Hello!” from the ladies at your table.

First you need to register!

  • Look out for details of our next event on the website, on our social media and in our newsletter
  • For our events, you will usually fill in a registration form with your basic details
  • We then send you an email confirmation that your seat is booked
  • You come along and enjoy a relaxing, informative event and meet other mums
  • Listen to the Editor interview different parenting professionals…
  • Then interview them yourself by asking any questions you want about your situation
  • Enjoy your complimentary gift bag of goodies at the end!

If you have questions, or want to enquire about the next free event…

  • Just email the Editor at: Kay.Marham@CPIMediaGroup.com
  • Include the word ‘ENQUIRE’ in the subject line
  • Include your full name, mobile number and email address


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