Scandinavian beauty secrets

The Scandinavian approach to beauty contains a lot of useful lessons. From their no-frills approach to their holistic attitude, here are some of the tricks and techniques you can incorporate into your own beauty routine.

Stereotypes would tell us that Scandi women have a seemingly casual relationship to beauty, but the reality is far from this. In fact, ladies from these northern regions are incredibly intentional when it comes to their skincare routine. With a little digging, we found a host of interesting skincare secrets that have piqued our interest. Let’s dive in.


One of the main tenets underpinning Nordic beauty is the idea that ‘less is more’. This translates into keeping skincare routines simple, eating well and maintaining one of the best work/life balances in the world. This holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing is something the rest of the world could learn a lot from. Balance is a priority at all times for Scandi ladies and it often leads to lower stress levels, a healthier lifestyle and a more natural look. This fresh-faced beauty ideal means a more chic approach to makeup and less emphasis on covering up. With that in mind, here are some Scandinavian beauty techniques that you can easily try for yourself.


One of the most important ingredients in Scandinavia skincare routine is completely free, and that is water. Women use it for everything, from cleansing their skin, hydrating their bodies, jump-starting their metabolism and more.

Wake up well

Many Scandinavian women swear by beginning the day with a cold rinse on the inside and the outside! Start your day with a big drink of water, followed by splashing some ice-cold water on your face. Drinking water first thing is a small action but can have big results, kick-starting your metabolism, giving you more energy through rehydration after a long night and promoting proper detoxification and good digestion upon waking.

Ice water facials

While dunking our face in freezing water first thing in the morning might not sound like the most appealing skincare tactic, Scandinavian women have long since learned to embrace the cold. Splashing ice water on your face offers many beautifying benefits. It lowers skin inflammation, decreases puffiness,encourages an even, healthy skin tone, minimises any enlarged pores and improves fine wrinkles. Utilising the power of cold water in your morning routine should help reduce any puffiness from sleep, while setting your skin up for an all-day enviable glow.

Use the cold

Ice water can also be worked into your daily shower. All you have to do is finish your rinse by turning the temperature dial to as cold as you can stand. Ending your shower with a few seconds of an ice-cold rinse is an easy way to access the benefits of cold water therapy, an ancient technique that has been part of Nordic cultural practice for many, many years. It works on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, almost like a reset button, banishing anxieties and releasing endorphins, to set you up physically and mentally for a great day.

Keep hydrated

Women in Scandinavian countries tend to take a holistic approach to hydration. Whilst these northern nations are known for being some of the biggest caffeine drinkers in the world, a habit that is well-known for its dehydrating side effects, they balance this out by sipping lots of fresh, unflavoured water every day. Once the internal hydrating is taken care of, Nordic women turn their attention to the problem of dehydration from the outside. They use hyaluronic acids, facial mists, creams, facial oils and regular face masks. Keep things simple in terms of the number of products you layer on your skin, but take a leaf out of the Nordic book and emphasise hydration.


Scandinavians gravitate towards products that guarantee maximum efficiency with the smallest number of steps and the fewest, most natural ingredients. So, have a think about the parts of your routine you can simplify – what can you leave out or combine, and what can you make cleaner? The goal is minimalism that works, so your skin only has to contend with a streamlined ingredient list and you have more time to focus on other things.


 Saunas play a big role in wellbeing historically and in the modern day, particularly in Finland. There’s a lit-from-within quality to skin that is hard to replicate in any other way. Studies indicate that using a sauna can help regulate sebum production, which is great news for those who suffer from acne or oily skin. It also supports a balanced pH level in our skin, which maintains the strength of the skin barrier and promotes an even tone. Heat therapy, such as a sauna, is known to improve our circulation, lessen stress and help our skin excrete toxins, leading to that covetable clear, even and softly glowing complexion we associate with Scandinavia.

Plenty of fresh air, a colourful, healthy diet and physical activity are also built into the traditional Scandinavian lifestyle, hugely influencing their approach to wellness and beauty. This holistic view is the gold standard in these countries in terms of beauty, and these tips and tricks are well worth considering when it comes to your own regimen. With just a few little tweaks, you’ll be able to benefit from the tried and tested skincare wisdom that these regions have to offer, in no time.

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