Empowering mums through boundary setting

Veronica Martin spoke to Noona Nafousi, CEO at Neo Noor coaching, about the challenges busy mums face that can be addressed through setting boundaries and how her coaching can help mums establish & maintain boundaries, overcome their fears and increase their self-worth.

What specific challenges do busy mums face that can be addressed through setting boundaries?

Busy mums face a multitude of challenges that can truly be transformed through the power of setting boundaries.

As we all know, being a mother is a joyous and fulfilling role, but it is also overwhelming, overstimulating and at times can feel so lonely thinking everyone else knows what they are doing except us.

Mums often find themselves pulled in multiple directions, trying to juggle the demands of their children, their households, and sometimes even their careers, all this whilst also trying to keep their spark in their relationships.

The lack of clear boundaries can leave them feeling drained, stressed, and unable to prioritize their own needs. It can feel like a juggling act, spinning so many plates at one time with a low level of constant anxiety that can consumes one’s peace of mind. 

How can Neo Noor’s coaching services help mums establish and maintain boundaries?

Neo Noor’s coaching services are just what busy mums need to establish and maintain those much-needed boundaries!

Neo Noor understands the unique challenges faced by mums and offers a tailored approach to support them on their journey.

Through personalized coaching sessions, Neo Noor guides mums on how to reconnect to themselves on an emotional level so their needs are not at the bottom of the pile.

It is only by building their self-worth and deep connection with themselves that they have the confidence to verbalise their needs and set boundaries with themselves first and then those in their lives.

We provide practical strategies and tools that empower mums to communicate their boundaries effectively, both at home and in their interactions with others.

With Neo Noor’s guidance, mums can regain control over their time, energy, and overall well-being.

What is the importance of mums reconnecting with themselves and reclaiming who they are meant to be?

Reconnecting with oneself is of utmost importance for mums.

As mothers, we pour so much love, care, and attention into our children and families that we often neglect our own desires and dreams.

It’s crucial for mums to take the time to reconnect with their own identities and reclaim who they are meant to be.

When mums prioritize self-discovery and personal growth, they not only nourish their own souls but also become even better mothers.

By honoring their own needs dreams and desires, mums can model self-love and empowerment for their children, creating a positive ripple effect for generations to come

How can the “POWER Framework” offered by Neo Noor empower mums to overcome their fears and increase their self-worth?

I am so excited to share our “POWER Framework” offered by Neo Noor – it is truly transformative!

This framework empowers mums to overcome their fears and increase their self-worth and deep self-trust.

The “POWER Framework” stands for Personal Power, Overcoming Fear, Well-Being ,Energy and Radical Responsibility.

Through coaching sessions, Neo Noor helps mums to trust themselves more by honouring their word to themselves. This helps them to stop saying yes when they mean no and learn to only say yes without depleting themselves.

We teach mums how to overcome the fear of saying no and start looking after how they show up for themselves first and foremost, take radical responsibility for the way they view themselves and speak to themselves.

This powerful framework guides mums on a path of personal growth and helps them tap into their inner strength, allowing them to step into their personal power.

What specific strategies or techniques can mums learn from Neo Noor to manage their energy and balance their responsibilities?

Managing energy and finding balance – that’s something every mum would love. Is there such thing as equal balance? Neo Noor equips mums with a variety of strategies and techniques to help them manage their energy and prioritise their responsibilities. We offer tools for effective time management, stress reduction techniques, self-care practices, and mindset shifts. Mums learn how to prioritize their tasks, learn to ask for help, and create a self-care routine that nourishes their mind, body, and spirit. With these valuable techniques, mums can create more harmony in their lives, finding the energy they need to survive and thrive.

How can implementing boundaries help mums become more confident and empowered in their personal and professional lives?

Implementing boundaries is truly a game-changer for mums. When mums establish clear boundaries, they create a foundation of self-respect and self-worth. By communicating their needs and limits, mums show others how they should be treated and respected. But, and this is really essential here, they must first learn how to respect their own needs and look after themselves first.

This, in turn, builds their confidence and empowers them to take charge of their personal and professional lives. Boundaries allow mums to say no to things that don’t align with their priorities, and yes to experiences that bring them joy and fulfilment. By setting boundaries, mums step into their power, become more confident, and ultimately create a life that reflects their truest selves


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