Mindfulness for kids this spring break

The upcoming spring camp at Maple Bear Nursery is all about adventures in mindfulness for young minds. Let’s take a look at how this supports your child’s wellbeing.

At Maple Bear Nurseries across the UAE, teachers and camp goers will be getting into zen mode with a Mindful Adventures spring camp, taking place from March 27 to April 7.


The unique program will nurture mindful thinking and habits as kids explore nature, play games and learn techniques to stay present in the moment. There will still be lots of movement and music, both of which can be impactful tools for self-regulation. Join Maple Bear for this journey and give your child an opportunity to foster the skills he or she needs to better harness positivity.


Presenting a camp program focused on mindfulness was a bit of a no-brainer, as the team at Maple Bear Gulf Schools puts it. Mental health is the foundation that supports all aspects of human development. It can influence how we make friends and what choices we make when we have a setback or succeed at anything in life – be it at school, in the playground or at home. The program activities will be informed by insights from the ever-growing amount of research now at our disposal, with a deepened focus on mental and emotional wellbeing in early childhood development.


Today, more than ever, caregivers and educators are acutely aware of how early childhood experiences can strengthen or disrupt a child’s emotional wellbeing. While there is much work to be done to truly heal and undo generational patterns, it is within reach to begin educating the youngest members of society about wellbeing as early on as possible. Maple Bear nursery aims to do just this – by exposing kids to the kind of environments and experiences that nurture resilience and pro-social behaviour, helping little ones to develop a predisposition towards kindness and love, for themselves, our planet and everyone we share it with.


Here is a list of fun books chosen by Maple Bear teachers to encourage mindfulness and help kids recognise and understand their feelings, as well as foster good mindful habits, in a light way.

Duck & Goose, How Are You Feeling?

Little ones adore the Duck & Goose picture book series characters. Using simple text and illustrations, the animals explain emotions to young readers in a way that they can understand.

The Colour Monster

This book encourages children to open up and talk about their feelings, even if their thoughts are confusing.

You Are a Lion!

This book is a great way to introduce your energetic little one to yoga. You Are a Lion! will assist you in guiding your kid with flexibility, focus, relaxation, and imaginative play.

Listen Like An Elephant

Listen Like an Elephant is a fun and interactive way to help your child begin to create the building blocks of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an important tool to arm your little one for the ups and downs of navigating their internal world and the social, emotional and physical challenges of life.


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