The benefits of dried fruits and nuts for kids

We look at the nutritional power of dried fruits and nuts as the perfect child-friendly snack.

Have you ever considered dates and nuts as an easy, tasty snack for your little ones? Well, those superfoods are a great source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and are a really ideal substitute for high-calorie sweet treats that children usually love.

World-renowned gourmet date connoisseur, Bateel offers a wide range of dates stuffed with a variety of nuts and dried fruits that are perfect for children’s healthy snacking. From caramelised hazelnuts to roasted almonds, there is something to suit every palate and preference.


While dates, nuts and other dried fruit might seem small, they are nutritionally mighty! For their size, these snack foods are superfoods that will support your child’s growing body, while satisfying their sweet tooth – a win-win for parents!

Immune System Boosters

Dried fruits and nuts are a good source of plant compounds that act as powerful antioxidants in our bodies. These compounds provide a boost to the immune system, allowing your little one’s body to fight infections and viruses more effectively. Antioxidants found in nuts such as walnuts and almonds may also protect their cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Natural substitute to artificial sugar

Packed with fibre, potassium and a host of other health-promoting nutrients, dates and many other dried fruits help balance out sugar by slowing down absorption and lowering the impact of sugary carbohydrates on your child’s blood sugar levels. This avoids a sugar high and the subsequent sugar crash that follows, which is often a feature of processed sweet treats. It also means that the natural sugars in dried fruit won’t affect your child’s ability to concentrate or sleep, as is a common side effect of chocolate and other sugary snacks.

Healthy bones

As dried fruits are rich in magnesium, calcium, and other micronutrients, they have a positive impact on bones and help strengthen them. Dried dates, apricots, figs and prunes are an excellent source of calcium.

Aids weight loss

When eaten in moderation, some dried fruits and nuts may help regulate weight. Studies indicate that the body does not absorb all the calories in nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and cashews which allow the maintenance of a fit body without weight gain. Dried raisins, apricots and dates are also good for this in moderation. This is useful for any children who struggle with their weight but still want delicious sweet snacks.


Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, dates offer a host of nutritional benefits for your child. Internationally acclaimed for their health benefits as a superfood, dates are a brilliant source of energy for busy kids. Bateel is a brand that sells a variety of dates, some stuffed with other dried fruit or nuts and is renowned for being the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer and seller.

Their dates are grown using traditional farming methods and sustainable practices, retaining natural flavours as well as healthy nutrients. Full of fibre, natural sugars, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium, you can give your children organic dates as the perfect nourishing treat that also satisfies their sweet tooth!




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