Handling school head lice

Sponsored: The start of the school term usually means increased cases of head lice in children. Here, the experts talk about the problem…and more importantly, the solution.

Nothing is more disturbing than finding head lice running around on your beautiful child’s scalp. Don’t panic! Head Lice are very common amongst children and the treatments these days are safer and more effective than ever before.

Unpleasant as they are, head lice are remarkably common in children and you should understand that it has nothing to do with your parenting if your child has them! If you are panicked about finding head lice in your child’s hair, it is important not to pass on the panic to your child.

What are Head Lice?

Lice are tiny insects that attach to human hair and feed on the blood in the host’s scalp, which in turn causes intense itching. This itching and scratching of the head is one of the first symptoms that parents notice.

How did Your Child Catch Head Lice?

If you’re wondering how your child got the head lice in the first place, it’s almost always from contact with another child. Head lice are highly adept at transferring from one head to another when kids are in close contact with each other, which happens during playtime, when rolling around, sharing clothing, toys, headphones, hats, combs or towels. These little critters can even transfer from one child to another through direct skin contact.

How to Check for Head Lice

If the school has notified you that there is a head lice case in your child’s class., or if you notice your child frequently scratching their head, you need to check their scalp thoroughly. As head lice move very quickly through the hair, they can be hard to catch.

Choose the Right Headlice Comb

To do a thorough check, split the hair into organised sections and search each section thoroughly with a fine tooth comb.

Head lice and their tiny grey or brown eggs (called ‘nits’) can usually be found behind and just above your child’s ears, and also at the back of their neck. The nits are attached firmly to hair, usually around half a centimetre from the scalp.

You cannot use an ordinary comb for this, you need a special comb designed for the job. The ideal head lice comb has rounded teeth to help the hair detangle and pass through the comb. It also has metal teeth that are specifically designed to remove both the head lice and their eggs, which won’t bend or break while combing the hair.

Remove any lice you see, scrunch them in a tissue and put this in a plastic bag and dispose of it immediately. Head lice cannot survive away from the human host, so they don’t survive longer than two days. When you have done this, it’s time to address the nits and remaining head lice.

Treatment for Head Lice

The only way to get rid of these insects and keep them at bay is through a product specially- designed for the purpose. It is important for any head lice treatment you use to be clinically proven, safe, fast, effective and easy to use – for both you and your child.

Product Recommendation

MOOV Headlice shampoo is clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs. It contains natural essential oils that make suitable for kids and effective in killing head lice and eggs. It only needs to be used for 15 minutes on the hair, which makes it comfortable for your child, fast and easy to use.

The key to getting rid of your child’s head lice is understanding that you have to catch and treat them through their whole lifecycle. Each egg takes 3 weeks to become an adult, which will then lay more eggs. So, you must repeat the treatment from the egg (nits) to the adult stages, as some of the eggs will still be protected by their shells on the first treatment.

MOOV Head Lice Shampoo is therefore used 3 times – 7 days apart (on days 1, 7 & 14), in order to cover the entire head lice lifecycle and ensure that all the lice and the eggs are killed completely.

MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner ‘Head lice attach eggs to hair with a very strong glue-like substance that requires the use of a fine tooth comb to strip the eggs off the hair. MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner helps make this easy as it contains a blend of natural essential oils that untangles and softens the hair.’

The MOOV Head Lice Removal Comb has fine-teeth that are especially designed to loosen the ‘glue-like’ bond that attaches nits to the hair, as well as helping to rake out and remove dead lice and eggs after the treatment.

Using all three of MOOV Head lice products range together gives you an unbeatable solution, so it is a good idea to include the MOOV treatments in your back-to school preparations.

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