AWAKEN Spa: a journey of wellness and mindfulness at Atlantis The Royal

Discover the ultimate wellness sanctuary at AWAKEN Spa in Atlantis The Royal, a place where body, mind, and spirit harmonize through the alchemy of the four elements. Dive into the captivating features, treatments, and products that set this extraordinary spa apart.

Situated on the lower ground level of Atlantis The Royal, AWAKEN spa offers a blend of indoor and outdoor amenities. It encompasses 15 therapy suites, along with exclusive VIP and specialized suites, featuring fireplaces and personalized styling studios. The Hammam Sensorium reimagines the tradition of bathhouses, with services inspired by the four natural elements and their connection to the human body, resulting in a captivating and sensory-rich experience.

The design inspiration emphasizes the interplay between various materials and lighting elements that craft an immersive experience. The entrance portal, crafted from rough black timber, serves as a symbolic threshold, guiding you from brightness to darkness, effectively transitioning from the lively ambiance of the resort to a tranquil sanctuary. This theme of contrasting elements continues consistently throughout the space. As you move from the reception area into the spa, the rough, dark timber meets French panelling, creating a dramatic contrast that leads to a bright and smooth marble expanse, radiating an air of understated elegance.

Upon my arrival,I am warmly welcomed by the receptionist and I am given a consultation form so my therapist knows the areas I want to focus for my Swedish massage. After this, I am escorted to the massage room where my therapist asks which AWAKEN massage oil I prefer, and I opt for lavender. She also makes me choose a stone from a small bag and I take a green one which symbolizes air and my preferred level of pressure.

The massage itself seamlessly blends Swedish and aromatherapy techniques with the added element of Reiki energy healing. It targets major muscle groups while channelling positive energy to restore balance. Recognizing the tension in my neck and shoulders due to recent stress, I request my therapist to pay particular attention to these areas, where knots and tension have accumulated.

From the moment the massage commences, a profound sense of relaxation envelops me as my therapist’s skilled hands work their magic. Each stroke expertly executed gently loosens my body, releasing muscle knots and easing mental tension. The experience is nothing short of exquisite, leaving me feeling thoroughly rejuvenated and refreshed.

Following the massage, I relax at the AWAKEN Lounge, a social relaxation area with plant-based refreshments and chromatherapy senses pods for deep relaxation. There, I enjoy a warm cup of elderflower tea and vegan protein balls.

AWAKEN Spa also boasts the Elements Retreat, transcending the typical spa wet area. It offers a deliberate circuit aligned with the elemental bodies: Fire invigorates the mind through a charcoal sauna and tepidarium, Earth rejuvenates the physical body in Halotherapy Salt Rooms and grounding Meditation Gardens, Water encourages emotional release in the Hydrotherapy Pool, and Air elevates the spirit through Aromatherapy Steam and air loungers.

For the epitome of a luxurious spa day, look no further.

For more information and bookings, call +9714 426 1000. Visit the website or Instagram

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