Brunch bliss with a skyline twist at CÉ LA VI Dubai

Experience an extraordinary Saturday affair like no other at Ce La Vi Dubai’s BRUNCH ON 54. With its sensational menu, breath-taking Dubai skylines and lively entertainment, this brunch offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in an unforgettable afternoon with your loved ones.

Perched at an impressive height of 220 meters above sea level in Downtown Dubai, CÉ LA VI beckons with its enchanting blend of Southeast Asian artistic influences, culinary excellence, and immersive sensory experiences. With its name translating to “This is the life” in French, the chic venue encapsulates the essence of a Michelin Guide restaurant that goes beyond gastronomy.

Step into a world of pure indulgence as you embark on a short, yet visually stunning ride up the glass-clad elevator from the base of the iconic Address Sky View hotel. As the doors opened, a team of attentive hosts eagerly greeted my dining partner and me. The moment you enter the restaurant, a sense of wonder and anticipation fills the air. The elegant space effortlessly curves along the oval shape of the tower, revealing a long bar and a spacious dining room that beckons you to immerse yourself in its sophisticated ambiance.

While the allure of the terrace tempted us, the rising heat prompted us to opt for the refreshing indoors. As we settled into our brunch experience, our attentive waiter brought us warm housemade seaweed parker rolls adorned with a generous topping of salmon roe and accompanied by a smoked salmon dip. The rolls were a revelation, boasting a delightful combination of softness, delicacy and exquisite flavours.

The journey continued with an array of delectable starters. A lightly torched bluefin tuna took centre stage, delicately paired with coconut, coriander and cucumber. Next was the burrata salad, featuring a perfect harmony of rocket arugula, succulent nectarine slices, tangy picked red onions and a delectable crunch from candied walnuts. A true highlight awaited us in the form of grilled Spanish octopus, nestled on a bed of smoked potato mousse and adorned with demi-sec tomatoes and a touch of pimentón. The octopus was masterfully cooked to perfection, tender and truly flavourful.

After a short break, our culinary adventure continued with the main courses. The black truffle ‘sushi rice’ risotto was an exquisite creation that blended the earthy richness of black truffle with the comforting creaminess of butternut squash, Shimeji mushrooms and a luscious Parmesan mousse.

After it, we turned our attention to the grilled striploin that exuded succulence and tenderness with every bite. Venturing further into the realm of seafood, we indulged in the pan-seared salmon accompanied by a Mandarin beurre blanc sauce, artfully adorned with a crown of delicate salmon roe. The perfectly cooked salmon showcased a delicate flakiness and a harmony of flavours.

As the brunch approached its end, we eagerly welcomed the arrival of the dessert platter. The velvety Pecan brownie was rich, with a fudgy texture and nutty undertones, while the Jivara chocolate mousse transported us to a realm of pure chocolate bliss, its velvety smoothness melting on our tongues. The frangipane tart stood tall, its golden crust cradling a luscious almond filling that showcased the perfect balance between sweetness and subtle nuttiness.

The orange blossom-infused vanilla crème brulee captivated our senses with its delicate floral essence, while the passion fruit sorbet burst forth with a tangy vibrancy. Energized by the sweet treats, we surrendered to the enchanting music that filled the air, succumbing to the irresistible allure of the saxophonist and DJ.

Level 54, Address Sky View Hotel. Saturdays from 12:30-4pm. From AED390 per person. For bookings, email or call +9714 582 6111. Visit the website and Instagram



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