How to not be a Tough Mama

If you have been trying to get pregnant and it doesn’t seem to be working, the reason may be stress. So many of you would agree that it is stress that causes most the problems in our lives, it is very true. This time however, the reference is not to psychological stress but the physical one.

How to not be a Tough Mama

Working out to be a mama
Believe it or not, excessive exercise can make you infertile! Wait a second though, don’t jump into any conclusions, because this does not include your daily half hour exercise that you do or claim to do. So don’t quickly jump on that couch to laze around in the name of “I’m just trying to have a baby”. However those women who spend more than an hour exercising or running more than 30 kilometres a week may have problems with ovulation. This exercise induced or “athletic” menstrual dysfunction is common among women who run marathons or compete at high physical levels. Vigorous physical training like that leads to having less body fat and high levels of stress, nutrient insufficiency, and the wear and tear on the body, eventually unsettling secretions of hormones required for fertility.

So ladies engaged in extreme physical exercise, if you want to have a baby try turning it down a notch. Some women who are engaged in work that involves such physical training try to change the job or better yet your department. You could also try to increase your calories and nutrient intakes, and try decreasing physical activities and lowering the stress.


Hidden Secrets of Infertility and How To Overcome It by Beth Christiansen
100 Questions & Answers About Infertility by Gordon, Michael DiMattina

Contributed by Lorraine Bangera


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