On Self-love and Self-Worth

By: Kay Joosub

Inspired Lifestyle Manager and Beauty Facilitator

Lack of love for the Self filters out to create a lack in all other aspects of one’s life. The majority of us do not really love ourselves. Self-love needs to be the foundation which you lay first, then build the details of your life on.

On Self love and Self Worth

The minute you love and accept yourself as you are this red-hot minute, all of those ‘character flaws’ you have been trying to change and fix will improve. They will fall away because those character flaws only exist in the medium of non-acceptance and dark hate.

So, practice loving yourself in any small way that you can. You do not need to ‘fix’ what you do not like about yourself. Just start to fill yourself up with caring thoughts, words and actions and the things you do not like will fix themselves.

Lack of self-worth is a branch of lack of self-love. In totality, it means I am not good enough or not enough. We go through this whole process to justify our existence on earth. It is how to get accepted by loved ones, peers, etc.

It is also the origin of most of the stress on this planet. There may be some of you who are new to spirituality and some may have many years under their belt, but often people chasing enlightenment or pursuing awareness do it for the belief that we are not enough as we are too.

The process of self-worth is an individual thing it cannot be thought, you cannot look at someone for it. It is a path of self-discovery. So, how do we move into self-worth which leads to self-esteem which leads to self-love?

Shifting onto thoughts of appreciation of one’s self is the same as self-love. Taking care of yourself is imperative; you cannot develop if you are still lacking sleep, following a bad diet, having relationships with people who you know are pulling you down and contributing with bad thoughts to your mentality.

A good idea is to find all your happy thoughts, good stuff about yourself and gratitude for what you have and who you are; keep practicing and you will then create positive ways to self-love and self-worth and all the yummy stuff you seek will literally land in your lap.

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