Parents Beware! Hidden Hazards

Parents Beware! Hidden Hazards

1. Baby Blankets

It isn’t safe to keep a baby blanket in the crib with baby or anywhere nearby when baby is sleeping. A blanket can end up covering baby’s face (nose and mouth) and lead to suffocation. To keep baby warm while sleeping, opt for a zip-up sleep garment like the Zipadee-Zip.

2. Foam Pillows

Nursing pillows, diaper changing pads, cushions, etc. are often made from polyurethane foam, a highly flammable material; these products are treated with fire-retardant chemicals which are toxic and have been linked to cancer. They’re also damaging to the reproductive and nervous systems.

3. Cords and Ties

It’s easy to overlook, but any device that has a long cord attached to it, like a baby monitor, can pose a strangulation risk to baby. Parents also need to be on the lookout for curtain ties and crib ties that are within baby’s reach.

4. Vinyl Plastic Toys

Several baby and kids toys are made from a vinyl plastic which can be dangerous since they likely contain phthalates. These are chemicals used to soften vinyl plastic and they are often linked to birth defects and can lead to cancer or low testosterone.

Parents Stephanie and Brett Parker in Fort Worth, Texas invented Zipadee-Zip – a solution to help babies sleep and transition out of swaddling. Exhausted and determined when their baby would not sleep once it was time to stop swaddling, Stephanie sewed a unique sleep garment and it worked; not only did it drastically improve their daughter’s sleep but it’s now helping babies and parents all over the world get the rest they desperately need and deserve!

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