Clever Back to School Solutions from Home Centre

Heading back to school after the long summer break is one of childhood’s most important and exciting yearly milestones.

With new classes to explore, new teachers to meet, new activities to enjoy and new friends to make, the back to school build-up is significant for the whole family and this year, more so than ever before.

Clever back to school solutions from Home Centre

In the last few months, as families, we’ve learnt a lot. We’ve experienced laughter (and maybe a few tears!) over e-learning and virtual working, discovered quiet corners of the home for study or zoom calls, found new ways to connect with loved ones and navigated new social rules when we’re out and about.

At Home Centre we think all that family learning and growth needs to be celebrated so it’s front of mind in our Back to School 2020 campaign. We don’t know quite yet what our children’s learning environment will look like in future but we’ve made sure that whether it’s classroom, home-based, or a mixture of both, the experience will be seamless and inspiring for both kids and their parents.

Razor-sharp learning starts with a good night’s sleep and that’s guaranteed with our range of comfortable mattresses and cleverly designed beds to keep them dreaming big. 

You’ve proved their bedroom can double up as a classroom so give it an edge with desk solutions that come loaded with cool features like USB ports, cable solutions and neat storage. There’s no hard corners on our kids furniture either so they can let off steam safely when lessons are over. 

Keep their space dynamic with funky artwork, rugs and lighting and their imaginations fired with creative supplies and book shelves they can easily delve into. And when they do head back to school? 

See them off with fun, character backpacks, lunchboxes and school essentials to help make learning fun, wherever they are! 

View the catalogue for a one-of-a-kind collection with a wide range of affordable solutions for toddlers, kids and teens designed to ease you into the new school year. 


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