What you need to know about baby skin conditions

There is nothing quite like the velvety soft, delicate skin of a baby, however, many skin conditions can affect their skin, leading to rashes, bumps and uncomfortable babies. Here, we look at three of the most common skin conditions mums encounter.

While it is true that many babies are prone to skin irritation in their first few months, there is always a way to treat this and ease any discomfort!


Babies often get red, scaly skin that could point towards a skin condition known as Eczema. This baby skin condition is a common issue but can be very itchy if left untreated. Some symptoms include patches of red, dry, itchy skin on the face, neck, elbows, or behind the ears.

To treat eczema, keep your baby’s skin well moisturised with an unperfumed moisturiser. You can do this a few times a day – for example, when you feed or change your baby. Using products that are free of sodium laurel sulphate is especially important as this ingredient can dry out the skin and make it more irritated.

Lastly, choose fragrance-free and alcohol-free wet wipes as they are gentler on the skin. WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes and provide gentle but effective cleansing for your baby’s skin.


We don’t often think of acne as something that younger children have to deal with, but this is one of those common baby skin conditions that many families learn to treat. It is usually characterised by small red or white bumps and often develops within the first two to four weeks after birth. It can occur anywhere on the face but usually appears on the cheeks, nose, and forehead. Baby acne is temporary and usually clears up on its own within three to four months.

It is best to clean the skin 2-3 times a day with warm water only, don’t use soap or lotions on the affected area. Also, do not use adult acne products on your baby’s skin. If you need any products, it is best to speak to your doctor or paediatrician to get the right medication.


Most babies will experience diaper rash at least once. This skin condition is commonly caused by irritation of the skin from the ammonia in the baby’s pee and poo. When treated, diaper rash should only last around three days, but if it doesn’t, it may be a yeast infection. In this scenario the diaper area looks sore or feels hot to the touch.

You might find red patches or small spots and blisters. How to treat diaper rash Diaper rash is usually caused by a baby sitting in the used diaper for too long or using wipes and lotions that are not suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. Change the diaper every time your baby uses it, since this will prevent diaper rash.

Also, use alcohol-free and fragrance-free products on your baby’s skin. Clinically proven as the Number 1 wipe against the causes of diaper rash, WaterWipes can be helpful as they are made from 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, making them the world’s purest wipes.



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