Happy Fathers’ Day: Celebrating dads on their parenthood journey!

Fatherhood comes in many forms today. You may be the main wage-earner or you might be the primary caregiver. You may be a single parent doing both, perhaps you’re a stepfather. Either way – you are your child’s father and you are important.WaterWipes_Fathers Day

Why dads are crucial at the newborn stage

We see biological mothers are prioritised around the time the child is born, as they go through labour and often breastfeeding. This can sometimes make a father feel helpless. However, fathers are greatly cherished during this sensitive time, as their support is most needed. By being a kind, empathetic, helpful partner, and a loving and attentive dad who cuddles, rocks, cleans, dresses and entertains his baby, a father will be invaluable to both mother and child right from the beginning.

The importance of dads as baby grows up 

Little things can have a big effect – spending time with your child can help to form a special bond, creating memories you both will treasure for a long time. Be proud that your baby is receiving such love and care from you, as it is a brilliant thing, both for their development and your relationship. A strong early relationship between a father and a newborn is crucial to build bonds and happiness within the family. Did you know that fathers experience less stress and increased confidence when they have their own special time with their newborns?

Tips to help you on your fatherhood journey:

Always have WaterWipes to hand

If they’re not already, then WaterWipes are about to become your best friend. The key thing with cleaning and new parenting is not to let the house get out of control. Always having wipes handy means you can mop up baby food mess in a flash (before it dries and becomes the most stubborn substance known to man). And if your child has somehow got hold of a permanent marker, try using a WaterWipes with a bit of toothpaste on it. It works, we promise – just don’t ask us how. WaterWipes are also great for cleaning leather sofas – a couple of wipes and your sofa is as good as new.

Get down to their level:

Babies spend a lot of time on the floor and while a few germs won’t hurt them (in fact, they can be beneficial), you don’t want them hanging out with too many. By getting down to their level you can see just how dirty things have got from their vantage point – and clean accordingly – and maybe spot some runaway items, too, that would be safer out of your now mobile baby’s reach.

Make cleaning a game:

The best time to clean is while baby is having a nap but if you’re too exhausted (or one of those unlucky parents whose babies don’t nap) then try involving your little one by making chores into a game. Lots of young kids love the sound of a Hoover and will delightedly sit and watch while you tackle all those neglected nooks and crannies.

There are a wide range of articles on fatherhood on the WaterWipes website – check them out for more insight into your amazing new journey.

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WaterWipes Happy Fathers Day


WaterWipes Happy Fathers Day

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