Discover aKINDemy – a revolutionary book subscription for kids

AKINDemy curates a variety of children’s books to assist parents in raising KIND future global citizens by highlighting various socioeconomic and environmental concerns

With its monthly themed book recommendations, aKINDemy gives parents total control over their monthly boxes and only charges them for the books they actually want to receive.

AKINDemy, which was founded in March 2022, has already put out themed boxes for families on subjects including gender equality, gratitude, family, community, racism, mother earth, the oceans, and plastic pollution.

“When my first daughter Luna was born and I started collecting books for us to read together, I noticed the lack of representation in children’s literature. The books available online as well as in our bookstores largely featured animals, objects (mainly male gender), white and able-bodied population. It felt that a crucial part was missing! All children deserve to experience books that reflect their realities and give them the opportunity to experience realities beyond their own.” – said Agne Skutelis, Founder, aKINDemy.

Along with the themed books, the monthly boxes also contain age-appropriate discussion starters, games, activities, and exciting surprises, all of which are intended to encourage a lifelong interest in reading through interaction.

Bamboo toothbrushes, for instance, were available during the month of June, which focused on water, seas, and oceans, to assist young children in beginning their eco-friendly journey while they learn about the plastic pollution in our oceans.

The aKINDemy team conducts extensive research to select the top books to assist parents in introducing their kids to significant societal and environmental issues for a small monthly, quarterly, or annual cost. Then, new book suggestions are posted on the aKINDemy platform each month for users to access and select from.

Parents can choose the books they want to buy and get each month with aKINDemy, unlike traditional pre-paid subscription services. Every member has the option to gift books to friends right from their account page.

“There’s a wealth of children’s books out there to choose from. Sometimes we can find treasures, but often we discover that the stories aren’t as great as they first seemed. aKINDemy serves as parents’ personal shopping assistant with a purpose to find truly good books that would also help introduce our little ones to important topics in a child-friendly, age-appropriate and fun way.” – added Agne Skutelis.

AKINDemy is on a mission to provide kids with the tools they need to have meaningful discussions, grow morally, and gain a deeper understanding of who they are—all while developing KINDness, one monthly box at a time.

For more information, visit the website or Instagram

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