Easy skin care tips for mothers

Sarah Battikha is a mother and the founder of Frame, a dermatology clinic dedicated to wellbeing, health and beauty. Here, she discusses what she considers to be the best skincare routine for mums.

As a dermatologist, I love helping women improve their skin and feel their very best! Mothers, more than anyone, can often put their needs last and tend to others ahead of themselves. Taking a few moments every day to put effort into your skin care can be a really accessible way to treat yourself and have some ‘you time’ in the midst of the demands of being a parent. Below, I’ll go into the things I think all mums should bear in mind when it comes to their skin care routine.


As I have been part of the Mothers club for the last year, I definitely understand the importance of time and how it can be in limited supply as a parent! As a mum, if I don’t get enough time to do a full routine, I always stick to three specific pillars. These are a trio of things which I will always do, no matter what! They are as follows: to double cleanse my skin, to apply a serum or retinol, and finally, to always use a moisturiser.


I’ll lay out what I think makes the best skin routine for when time is in abundance. This is likely not the reality every single day for busy mums, but let’s try and consider a perfect day when you do get the chance to complete a full set of steps.

Remove eye makeup

First of all, I always suggest removing eye makeup using a micellar water, as I find that other cleansers are too stripping and really irritate my eyes. So, if you have sensitive eyes like me, consider using micellar water or something equally gentle.

Double cleanse

Afterwards, I like to do my double cleanse. This consists of using the Gentle Cleanser by Skinceuticals –  which is great at removing makeup, as well as impurities. I follow this with Blemish + Age Cleanser, which is a gel texture. This texture allows it to deeply clean the skin without stripping it of its natural oil, meaning it won’t disrupt the skin’s barrier. It is my absolute favourite as I have sensitive and acne prone skin.

My little trick for days when I don’t have time to exfoliate or use a mask is to leave this second cleanser on my skin for a few minutes, so the actives work a little bit deeper. Lastly when cleansing the face, I always suggest using a cloth, which gives your face a gentle exfoliation and doesn’t leave any residue from the cleanser on your skin.

Eye care

A small touch  that I love and I really try to be intentional with is a relaxing eye massage, which helps drain the skin, reducing signs of tiredness. I use AGE Eye Complex by Skinceuticals as it’s super hydrating and really brightens up the eye area – which is a life saver when you’re a mum!


Depending on your skin’s sensitivity and presuming that you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, I suggest using Retinol a few times a week to help prevent wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne. It’s a real do-it-all product which works wonders in the long run. On nights where retinol is used, my advice is not to apply any products after, to make sure it doesn’t act as a buffer for the actives.

If not applying retinol then I would suggest using a toner that works for you, which will help bring your skin back to its natural PH, and this allows better product absorption overall.


I like to switch serums to always surprise the skin by bringing in new actives. I always remind my clients to observe their skin, because you are truly the best judge of how it feels. I find it’s important to encourage women to listen to their skin instead of taking on generalised advice or TikTok trends.

My current choice is The Serum by Augustinus Bader which works at the cellular level of the skin, meaning that it targets many concerns at once. My other favourite is the Retexturing Activator by Skinceuticals, which is a 2-in1 as it has hydrating powers as well as exfoliating benefits. It is super gentle but at the same time really gives you that ‘glow from within’, which is sometimes hard to maintain as a mum.


Moisturiser is optional in a sense, depending on where you are in the world or how humid your environment is – for some, the Retexturing Activator will be enough. On days where I feel that I need more hydration, my go-to choice is The Light Cream by Augustinus Bader, which has a lovely hybrid feel, being somewhere between a gel and a cream. I also like Triple Lipid Restore, which is a fantastic option if you ever overdo Retinol and feel like your skin is too tight and sensitive.

Using the right products in the right order is essential for nourishing your skin and bringing out a healthy glow. Few things boost your confidence as deeply as feeling good in your own skin! Using these tips and tricks should help you reveal your most gorgeous skin yet, so you’re at your most radiant all summer long!



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